Center of Municipal Development - Centro de Desarrollo Municipal (CEDEMUN) CEDEMUN)

It is aimed at contributing to the strengthening of Tamaulipas through the analysis, evaluation, training and advice on various topics of municipal development. Its main features are: a) to design, implement, and evaluate public policies; (b) to provide advice and training for the compliance of indicators; and (c) to promote the strategic planning, management and linkages between the University, the municipalities, the organizations of civil society and the business sector.

Rectoría Building
Matamoros S. N. , Downtown Area C. P. 87000
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.


Business Development Center, Business Incubator for Entrepreneurs in Southern Tamaulipas, A. C. (CEDEIN) - Centro de Desarrollo de Empresas, Incubadora de Negocios para Emprendedores del Sur de Tamaulipas, A.C. (CEDEIN)

Uuniversity business incubator (UBI) formed as an  A. C. , which aims to support entrepreneurs and encourage the creation and development of companies with the aim of contributing to the economic development of the region.

Tampico Faculty of Commerce and Administration
Centro Universitario Tampico-Madero
Tampico, Tamaulipas.




Project Center Tamaulipas, A. C. - Centro de Proyectos Tamaulipas, A.C. (CEPROTAM)

CEPROTAM offers environmental studies, social, economic, engineering and services that will help to raise the quality, efficiency and profitability of the industry, always with one goal in mind: to preserve the environment.



Research and Development Center in Port and Maritime Engineering - Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Ingeniería Portuaria y Marítima (CIDIPORT)

Since its founding in 1985, the Cidiport offers a wide range of professional services to the public and private sectors. Its activity is focused on the promotion and development of projects and research dealing with different areas of knowledge in engineering, providing multidisciplinary solutions to problems.




Institute of Engineering and Science - Instituto de Ingeniería y Ciencias (IIC)


It is a center for studies, research and specialized services in the areas of geographic information systems, environmental and agricultural development, among other disciplines. It has provided technical services in more than fourteen states in the country, and at the state level it has worked in a wide range of projects in the agricultural and aquaculture industries.

Building Center for Knowledge Management
University Center Adolfo López Mateos
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.





Center of Excellence Coordination of Graduate and Research (Coordinación de Posgrado e Investigación del Centro de Excelencia  -CPICE)

CPICE is intended to provide graduate quality through a blended learning model of education, flexible and supported in the cutting edge technologies, specializing in distance education, in the institutional management and knowledge.

Center of Excellence Building
University Center Adolfo Lopez Mateos
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.​