Administration Secretariat

The Secretary of Administration is responsible for coordinating the functions and administrative activities of the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, from its planning to its evaluation.

This secretariat works on the following objectives:

To have a structure with areas, functions and procedures and clearly defined hierarchies.

To promote the development of the substantive functions, while ensuring the continued simplification, systematization and automation of processes.

To manage the quality certification of procedures.

To develop multi-year budget projects, in order to have a vision of growth of investment in infrastructure and maintenance.

To strengthen the Integral Academic and Administrative Information System (Sistema de Información Integral Académica y Administrativa)


To promote an institutional policy on information technologies that will modernize the UAT in terms of connectivity.

To develop the institutional system of documentation centers, information and consultation.

To implement an integral human resources  system that considers the income, training, career development and performance evaluation.

To strengthen the Comprehensive Program of Heritage Register.

To enhance and update the physical infrastructure.

To promote the use of best practices for the prevention, care and security of the university community.