Social Communication

It is the area responsible for establishing the editorial and informative line of the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas and its management in media; media sets the agenda and generates information that is relevant and of interest on the activities of the university community.

Among the main activities of Press UAT is to establish agreements with the relevant media for institutional dissemination, to coordinate the information services of the various faculties, academic units, departments, addresses, and secretariats of the university, in addition to developing and disseminating the institutional press releases, letters, stories in visual and print media.

Omar Benito de la Fuente Garza

Social Communication


University Television

 Is the area responsible for audiovisual production in the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas in terms of documentaries, educational supports, reports, open and closed television. Its objective is to strengthen the identity and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, by publicizing the main activities and achievements of the university.

TV UAT designs and produces the television program of the university and supports the news coverage carried out by the Office of Social Communication,  it promotes its audiovisual production in different contests, conferences and biennials, creating and maintaining an audiovisual archive of the University.

Maria del Carmen Quiroga Echevarria

Unitersity Television


University Radio

It iss the area responsible for operating the radio station of the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas. Its purpose is to inform the university community and the general community on the main activities of the university, as well as to promote the dissemination of culture and science.

 UAT supports Radio news coverage done by the Office of Social Communication, produces and broadcasts a radio, musical, cultural and outreach programming through the radio and the Internet, it promotes its radio production in different contests, conferences and biennials, in addition to promote conventions and exchanges with other broadcasters and universities.

 Ulysses Brito Aguilar

UAT Radio


 Inter UAT

It is the area responsible for the design, production and broadcast of the University television programs through a channel on the Internet, in order to strengthen the university identity, the dissemination of knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship, including the student community in the television  production process to form new talents.

 InterUAT supports international news coverage done by the Office of Social Communication, it performa the transmission of programs in advertising spaces available, creates and maintains an archive of the audiovisual area, in addition to offering services to the public and private sector in terms of audiovisual productions.

Cendy Yarelly Robles Mendez



Advertising and Institutional Image

It is the area responsible for designing, advising and following in the proper implementation of the university identity and its image, fortifying it through graphics, static and I nternet advertising, generating greater sense of belonging and positive image.

Among its main functions is promoting the corporate identity Manual among the university community, audit the graphic image and the correct use of the manual through the adoption of the designs of the university, to design, and produce the graphical advertising and to manage the institutional official website on the internet, as well as the social networks of the university.

 ​​Rolando Aguilera Zárate

Advertising and Institutional Image


Public Relations

It is responsible for maintaining relations and links of cooperation of the university and its students with the public, social and productive sector with purposes of collaboration, which allow us to contribute in a human and professional education of the student, as well as with the social and economic development of society. It also designs and implements the guidelines, protocol and attention to guests in order to strengthen the image of the University, as well as its identity through the performing of events.

Jorge Jacome Frías

Public Relation​