Linking and Employability

It is the area responsible for the relations of cooperation and linkages of the university and its students with the public, social and productive sectors with  purposes of collaboration, as well as to promote its services to strengthen the relationship between alumni with the university and the community.

Among its main functions, it is responsible for administering the system of labor exchange and of incorporating plan of life and career the model, to identify the demands of human capital, promoting the student talent and the follow-up of graduates. It is also oriented to offer professional development opportunities for students and graduates, and  to establish agreements and alliances with the private and public sectors.

Marco Antonio Moreno Castellanos
Linking and Employability



Its objectives are to provide guidance to the student for the choice, placement, counseling and support throughout his Internship, as well as to cooperate with the public and social sectors through care activities in benefit of society. It focuses in sensitizing the student with regard to social problems and to achieve its commitment in favor of the more needy, collaborating and contributing with the programs, initiatives and activities of the public and social sectors.

The Internship office evaluates social profiles and skills of the students, develops courses and lectures on awareness toward the action and social innovation to form social actors, establishes linkages with institutions and organizations that serve vulnerable groups and contributes to the improvement of their social conditions through community brigades, campaigns and programs of continuing attention.

Cinthya Patricia Gonzalez Ibarra


It has as objective to promote and strengthen the dissemination and practical application of values that contribute to the development of a solidarity university, equitable, and humane relevant, in addition to educate the university community and to society in general with regard to the values that contribute to the integral human and social development.


Among its main functions is to conduct campaigns of dissemination of values, aimed at the society and to the university community, training in values and ethics for the academic and administrative staff of the university, to develop courses of induction in values for the new students, to develop programs, and recruitment strategies of the best students for its incorporation into the university and generate a greater sense of belonging to the university.

Irma Esperanza Ibarra Flores

Student Involvement and leadership

It is the area responsible for promoting, managing and guiding the organization, participation and civic-policy culture, as well as promoting leadership among young university students.


Among its main activities are to cooperate in the organization, regulation and evaluation of the processes of student participation, to develop leadership workshops for university students, to organize meetings of leadership groups with social leaders, political and business, in addition to promote between the representative groups activities in support of the society.

Édgar Alberto López Acevedo

Student Involvement and Leadership


Cultural Diffusion

It is responsible for promoting in the university community the appreciation of  culture, to disseminate and to promote it and thereby to contribute to the integration of culture in Tamaulipas, in addition to generating programs of social interaction through which the daily life of the university is spread.


Among its main activities Cultural Diffusion develops cultural and artistic events, coordinates workshops, festivals, exhibitions, lectures and competitions on art and culture, in addition to promote the formation of clusters and develop artistic public exhibitions with the artistic groups existing in the principal cities of Tamaulipas.

Juana Adela Tamez Haces
Cultural Diffusion


Department of Sport and Recreation

It has as its objective to promote a healthy lifestyle in the university through the practice of any sport discipline, as well as to promote he representative teams, organizing sports competitions, organize, promoting and encouraging the sport education and managing the spaces and infrastructure for sports use.


The Department of Sport and Recreation encourages the participation of the university community in state, national and international competitions, it organizes tournaments among the faculties and academic units and develops a comprehensive wellness program, in addition to managing the improvement of the physical infrastructure of the sporting and training of high-performance coaches.

Efraín Rangel Torres

Director of Sports and Recreation