From thirty years ago, the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas provides to its workers the child stay service and pre-school education at their two child development centers, located in university centers in Victoria and Tampico.

Consolidated as an important support to the integral education of the children of university students, the CENDI-UAT offer programs in English, fine arts, cultural and sports activities, among others.

Laura Margarita Ahumada López
Directora del Cendi UAT Victoria

Norma Edith Vicencio Torres
Directora del Cendi UAT Tampico


Circle of Child Development


The child stay Circle of Child Development at the University Center Victoria is designed to provide support to mothers and fathers  that are University students by taking care of their children, providing them with the assurance that their little ones are well cared within the same while they are serving with their school activities.

Ma. Isabel Alcocer Tinajero

Circle of Child Development


Center of Municipal Development (percentage)


It is aimed at contributing to the strengthening of Tamaulipas through the analysis, evaluation, training and advice on various topics of municipal development. Its main features are: a) to design, implement, and evaluate public policies; (b) to provide advice and training for the compliance of indicators; and (c) to promote the strategic planning, administration and linkages between the university, the municipalities, the organizations of civil society and the business sector.

 It is located in the building rectory Matamoros S. N. , Downtown Area C. P. 87000 Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.

Business Center

 The Business Center is located on the sixth floor of the building called the Center for Knowledge Management, located in the University Center Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, in Ciudad Victoria. It provides the spaces to hold executive meetings of high level and with all the conditions of infrastructure and logistical support for the organization of such events.

Hector Ramiro Garza Kills

Business Center