Secretariat of Finance

The Secretariat of Finance is responsible for:

- Ensuring the correct budget implementation and property and assets use, observing the regulations and its internal and external legality. To guarantee that we, as part of the institution, comply with our responsibilities through the functions of surveillance, monitoring, auditing, inspection, control and evaluation attached to the constitutional principles that we have mentioned.

- Following up on the implementation and use of the university's resources. Through actions the Secretariat aims to assist the rationalization of the expenditure, the planning of income and the correct allocation of the different available grants.

- Payroll Processing, timely and correct compliance with tax obligations in the field of security and social welfare, retirement and pensions.

- Developing, managing and maintaining administrative applications to help foster good functioning of the various institutional processes.

- Making payments authorized under the federal budget and those to be established according to  laws, agreements, contracts and other legal provisions.

- Controlling financial resources of this maximum house of studies.

- Preparing the financial statements of the university, as well as explanatory notes of the same.

- Issuing books and accounting records in accordance with the rules and laws set forth.

- Organizing and maintaining the documentation that supports the movements and accounting records.

- Generating quarterly financial reports to be delivered to the Auditoría Superior del Estado, as well as the preparation of the annual public account.

For the development of their tasks and the correct distribution of the work the Secretariat of Finance holds five offices, which are:


Payroll Office

Accounting Office

Budget Office

Expenditures Office

Administrative System Office