Accounting Department

It is responsible of accounting consolidation for the development of the financial statements, sticking to the regulations. The information emitted contributes directly with the decision-making of our university.

It is also responsible for the information relating to the income and expenses regardless of the nature of the same.

Among the main functions of this area are:

- Preparing the financial statements of the university:  Statement of financial position, statement of activities, cash flows as well as explanatory notes of the same.

- Monitoring and controlling the registration of invoices and referenced forms  of the goods and services made by the university.

- Monitoring and controlling the registration and collection of receivable accounts and documents in favor of the university.

- Monitoring the tax statement presentation affecting the university.

- Issuing books and accounting records in accordance with established regulations.

- Organizing and maintaining the file of proof documentation that supports the movements and accounting records.

- Advising the faculties, schools and academic units for the control and registration of the accounting procedures.

- Collaborating with the Office of the Contraloría General of the University, external auditors (external auditor, ASE, ASF) and others by providing the information required by these.

- Submitting financial information to the Secretary of Finance.

- Generating quarterly financial reports to be delivered to the Upper Audit of the State, as well as the preparation of the annual public account.

- Submitting financial reports to the SEP in accordance with the provisions of article 43.° from Expenditure Budget of the Federation.