​Payroll Office

It is responsible for all matters concerning the production of payroll, timely and correct compliance with tax obligations in the field of security and social welfare, retirement and pension, as well as accounting control, budget, documentary, fiscal and quality of the area. The head of the office is PhD. Juan Gilberto Silva Treviño.

Among the major functions of the office are the following:

- To monitor the calculation, registration, monitoring and payment of royalties to the active and retired staff of the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas.

- To apply the legal and contractual holds to the salary of the employees.

- To meet the correct and timely compliance with tax obligations in the field, as well as their correct accounting record.

- To monitor in a timely manner the authorization of payment to third parties of the discounts applied to the staff under established agreements.

- To develop, monitor and keep updated the template of the personnel assigned to the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas.

- To control the financial resources of this maximum house of studies.

- To elaborate the financial statements of the university, as well as its explanatory.

- To perform the management of budgetary resources to the Secretariat of Finance for the payment of salaries.

- To authorize payment of the payroll of retirees.

- To comply with and enforce the Internal Work Regulations (Reglamento Interno de Trabajo). 

- To submit information requirements that the higher authority requires.