To promote the training of professionals within the scientific culture and graduate studies of the highest level, in the technological, social, cultural and humanistic field, that will help with research for the solution of the problems of society and develop proposals of the highest quality, creating alliances, networks and conventions suited to stimulate academic  links  and innovation among the various social, productive and academic sectors, of the society.





The university shall have in place research and graduate administered systems that are expeditious, efficient and automated, based on rules and procedures  which are updated and with highly trained personnel for the management, integration and performance of their duties.

There will be updated programs, innovative and flexible, that contribute to directly affect the quality of the training of specialists and researchers, articulated with institutional policies and development of the state and country. The processes will be certified and with an appropriate information system to provide the appropriate feedback for the decision-making, having transparent mechanisms to inform the society of their academic performance and the efficient and effective use of its resources.