Overall Goal

Setting standards, co-ordinating, disseminate and evaluate the academic programs of postgraduate studies and the lines of scientific research that are developed at the university, through its faculties, academic units, centers and institutes, to propose solutions to scientific and social problems, meet educational needs, promoting the training of specialized human resources and creating and managing knowledge to promote the advancement of education, science, culture and the arts for the benefit of the socio-economic development of the state and the country.


Specific Objective

 ​To form professionals in postgraduate, researchers and technologists, in relevance with the priority demands of society.

To perform postgraduate programs, as well as research projects, technological development, training and specialized services, which require the social and private sectors of the state of Tamaulipas.

 To achieve the intra- and inter-institutional linkages required, with the different productive and academic sectors for the identification and solution of problems and/or demands arising in the environment ofcompetition.

 To disseminate, disclose and transfer the knowledge generated from research and postgraduate studies performed at the University.

 To institutionally strengthen the graduate, as well as the infrastructure and scientific and technological equipment.