To become a unit of support, management and consulting for the units of higher education (DES), centers and institutes, as well as gymnasiums and CELLAP of the university, contributing to the achievement of its objectives and goals of short and medium term; as well as to serve as a support in the preparation, presentation and management of strategic projects of benefit to the university, its students, faculty and  administrative and financial projects as well.



In the short term, to contribute with the DES to achieve the goals set forth in the fiscal year of the resources obtained.

In the short term, to maintain the contribution of resources generated by the centers and institutes of the university; proposing strategies for which in the medium term these resources are increased.

In the medium term, to encourage the CELLAP get to be self-reliant, budgetary, and financially.

In the medium term, improve the indicator of cost-benefit in gyms with actions planned to increase their revenues and reducing consumption as much as possible.