To Support the higher education dependencies(DES) in the pursuit of its objectives and goals, as well as in the implementation of their plans and projects of benefit to the university.

To serve as management entity and advice in administrative and financial matters that the dependencies submit to the authorities of the university.

To propose strategies to strengthen and increase the efficiency in the use of the resources that the dependencies of higher education obtain by extraordinary income, as well as the allocated budget.



A. In relation to the DES, Centers and Institutes, gyms and CELLAP:

To support in the management of the budget of annual operating expenditure.

To serve as a support in the formulation and implementation of strategic projects aimed at raising the productivity of these dependencies.

To propose the standardization of administrative and financial procedures, with the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the implementation of their resources.

To review, analyze, and validate the documentation generated by the dependencies in order to manage, with the central administration, its resolution.

In the medium term, to encourage the CELLAP to be  budget and financially self-sufficient.

In the medium term, to improve the indicator of cost-benefit in gyms with actions planned to increase their revenues and reducing consumption as much as possible to the university.

B. With the centers and institutes:

To contribute, from the administrative and financial point of view, in the implementation of the contracted projects, which allow them to increase their income and improve the margin of contribution to the university.

C. To advise the CELLAP to attain self-sufficiency and financial budget, implementing strategies to increase their income and to allow the efficient use of their spending, so that in the medium term, they contribute resources to the university.

D. To advise, administratively and financially, to the gyms, to fulfill their social role, both in the university community, such as toward the society in general, helping to increase their income and to reduce the university expenditure.

E. To support and propose the development of strategic projects in the DES, centers and institute s, gyms and CELLAP.