The work of the secretariat is supported by honesty, as a quality of the persons within it, respecting above all the statutes, rules and regulations governing our university.

In the Technical Secretariat, all involved will act with responsibility, aware that to manage, guide and assess our actions we must respond appropriately and in a timely manner to the needs of the dependencies with which we will coordinate, in order to fulfill the proposals of the Institutional Development Plan (Plan de Desarrollo Institucional)  of our Dean for the university.

It will be a fundamental basis for the secretariat to act in an ethical manner, putting the moral courage and the correct judgment above all situations that we face daily.

The Technical Secretariat will promote with all dependencies of the university communication and close coordination with the purpose of generating an atmosphere of harmony, of companionship and looking for good results, through a great team effort.

First and foremost this is our alma mater; therefore, the Technical Secretariat will lead this fidelity and trust between the dependencies with which it will be coordinated, putting the honor and gratitude in all of the efforts of work to be performed.

All the work-related situations that occur between the secretariat and the other dependencies of the university will lead the commitment to comply with the established  agreements, even by putting more than expected, to move ahead with the project our Dean has entrusted to us.