During the time of the colonial government in Nuevo Santander there were schools of first letters as in the other provinces in the north of New Spain, schools that were founded only in the most important towns and with particular significance, since no attention had been paid to the realm of public instruction until the Constitution promulgated the Liberal Constitution issued in Cadiz, Spain, in 1812, that had a  limited effect  to short periods in 1813 and 1814 and from 1820 to 1821.


When the Independence was consummated, after the Republic was consolidated and the states were part of  the federal pact, the imperative of organizing the public education and educating staff to manage the entity arose, which would be named the free and sovereign State of Tamaulipas. It was established for such purposes in Ciudad Victoria in 1828 in a Lancasterian type of school that formed the first generation of teachers at the service of the state education. It was also founded in this capital the same year a School of Arts and Crafts of correctional nature and in 1830 the creation of the Instituto  Hidalguiano Tamaulipeco was decreed  to provide  "literary" and "scientific" instruction with public funds, starting its activities with classes of Latinity and Rhetoric. This first center of higher education had a brief existence, but its establishment left pointed out its important background.


In February 1846 the departmental government authorized the launching in Ciudad Victoria of a class of Spanish and Latin Grammar in charge of the Priest Jose Guillermo Martínez, whose teaching was an important step in the history of middle-level education in Tamaulipas.


To lead the state the General Juan José de la Garza founded the Instituto Literario de San Juan, devoted to higher education. In 1889 the government of Ing. Alejandro Prieto authorized the Instituto to provide "the law courses required for the legal profession", following the plan of studies of the Escuela Nacional de Jurisprudencia de México. The institute will remain in office until 1913. Also in Matamoros in the year 1890 a Normal School was founded and teachers who were valuable for education were generated here.

On January ​6th 1873 the opening of the Seminary School  was carried out in Ciudad Victoria, and it was founded by Mr. Ignacio Montes de Oca and Obregón, first bishop of Tamaulipas; programs were established in studies for the faculties of Theology, Law and Philosophy and Humanities, including within the corresponding classes to the Legal Studies, Classes of Canon Law, Roman Law, Native Law, Criminal Law, Political Economy, Natural Law and International Law. This seminar served until Mr. Montes de Oca period ended in the year of 1880.


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