Currently the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas is formed by 26 Academic Units, Faculties and Schools, 7 Units Distance Education Units(UNAED) and 5 Research Centers distributed in 14 localities of the state. This makes it the strongest, most extensive and most prestigious higher education institution of Tamaulipas.

In its facilities today more than 40,000 students from all Tamaulipas and from other states and abroad are prepared. Around  8,500 new students are incorporated each year to one of its 79 undergraduate programs, 90% of whom are accredited by its quality.

This level, which any other university in the state has  been able to match, has allowed the UAT to receive for six consecutive years the recognition of quality that the Secretariat of Public Education provides.

In addition to degrees, engineering and technical careers, the academic offer includes 84 post-graduate programs. 45 of these programs are for masters, 27 specialty and 12 are doctorate programs. At this time there are approximately 3,000 graduate students  currently enrolled  in UAT.

The teaching staff is integrated by 2,900 teachers, of whom 40% are full-time. Nine out of ten of these teachers hold a PHD or Masters Degree and half of them is certified by the Program for the Improvement of Teaching Staff (PROMEP – Programa de Mejoramiento del Profesorado).


Another important feature is Research. With 92 of its teachers registered in the National System of Researchers (SNI), today half of the researchers of Tamaulipas are in the classrooms and laboratories of the UAT, forming new generations and developing scientific, technological and social projects.

The university has collaboration agreements with prestigious national and international universities, such as the University of Harvard or the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. It is one of the 27 institutions that make up the consortium of Mexican Universities (CUMEX), space that brings together the universities with the highest academic competitiveness of the country.

It also maintains agreements with associations, institutes and public and private companies with state, national or global presence. This university-company  linking model has enabled it to generate its own resources equivalent to the third part of its annual budget.

Besides all this, the university drives the talent and good ideas through its business incubators, where the students and the public in general receive support to open and to follow up on their productive projects. It also provides training to students who wish to develop their own business plan.

Under the principle of boosting the generation of knowledge with values, the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas strengthen its social responsibility. This community work, which drives the integral formation of the students, has been recognized by the Ministry of Social Development.



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