The Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas is a decentralized organism of the State, with its autonomy, legal identity and own property, and it is its mission to:

- Provide education to form useful Technicians, Artists and Professionals in the service of our  Society with a critical consciousness, reflexive activity and participation and with learning abilities that allow them to adapt themselves to diverse circumstances; 

- Organize and develop scientist research, trying to project it over our Society's problems and the surroundings'; promoting the application of scientist knowledge in the solution of such problems in order to improve our Society's life conditions and in order to play an active role through a  critical function;


- Preserve and spread our culture, science and artistic manifestations through the extension and broadcast of our University;

- Integrally orient our University functions to create a Society with strong humanist awareness, solidarity effort, sense of belonging and national identity over any other ideology or individual interest.


- Collaborate in general with the process of emancipation of the human being to be a useful member of society.